Many People Have More Than One Varicose Vein Which Can Be Treated

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Many more people will have them, even you. They can be so small and you could go throughout your whole life without even noticing them. And even so, these small veins can even go away naturally. But of course, the older you get, the more extreme the prevalence of varicose veins could become. Fortunately, and with a little help from your GP, you are in a position to treat them easily, all by yourself, at home.

varicose veinstreatment procedure to address varicose veins

Under the guidance or advice of your good doctor, you could be utilizing over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs as part of your domestic treatment procedure to address varicose veins. Guidance from your doctor should be necessary. He still needs to monitor or diagnose your body for any side effects to taking these drugs or any that he may feel necessary to prescribe. The good doctor prescribes medication specifically developed for the treatment of varicose veins.

Under extreme circumstances where pain is a symptom, pain medication will also be required. The wearing of comfortable clothing comes well recommended and advised. It makes common sense. Restrictive or tight fitting clothes is going to pinch a tad. It is also necessary to take a closer look at what type of shoes you are wearing on a regular basis. Women in particular, need to note this, given their habit of fashion to wear high-heeled shoes that are often tight-fitting and not exactly comfortable to wear in any case.

Treatment by medical specialists include the use of radio frequency waves and laser ablation. The use of foam injections is being encouraged as a non-invasive alternative and its application is perhaps going to be more affordable for those who have a prominent appearance of varicose veins.