How To Get Healthy

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Many people make their new year’s resolution to be healthier, but once the new year start they find it difficult to follow through with the resolution that they set for themselves.

The secret to succeeding at becoming healthy isn’t to view it as some monumental task, but to instead break it down into smaller pieces that make it easier to plan a lifestyle that is both realistic and in support of your goals.
The first thing many people don’t realize is that eating habits have way more to do with physical health than exercise. While exercise can speed things up and help to tone and define the muscles on an already slim body, it’s not going to make you shed pounds in the same way that a healthy diet is.

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View exercise as being twenty percent of what helps you to lose weight while your diet counts for eighty percent. It’s unrealistic to suddenly change all your eating habits overnight, so start off slow by making one big change each month.

One month you can make it your goal to add a side of vegetables or a salad to your meals at least four times a week. Your body will thank you for the right nutrients.

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The next month you can focus on making your main meals healthier. If your staple food is rich, creamy dishes filled with starches, this one will be a difficult adjustment.

That’s why you shouldn’t instantly throw out all your pasta, instead make an effort to only indulge in your favorite dishes no more than three times a week. Baby steps toward health will be what makes you see your new year’s resolution through to the end.