5 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants for Your Missing Teeth

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Considering that the smile is one of the first things that a person notices when they see you, it is easy to understand how missing teeth can cause issues with self-esteem and confidence. However, there are a few options for tooth replacement that individuals can choose from these days, including dental implants. Why are dental implants a more viable option than partials or dentures? There are many reasons to consider dental implants to replace your missing teeth, including the five below.

1.    Dental implants attach to the jaw bone using a screw. The implants stay in place and do not come out of the mouth like dentures. Putting your teeth in a cup at night is no one’s idea of fun and with implants, that worry is gone.

2.    You can easily find a dental implants Dentist to perform this procedure. Compare your options and research before making the choice and you can rest assured that you have a dentist who will exceed expectations.

3.    Implants look and feel more like real teeth. When you smile, you want others to see your beautiful pearly whites and have no questions if they’re your real teeth. Implants make that possible.

4.    Want teeth that last a lifetime? When you choose dental implants, it is possible that your teeth will last a lifetime. Just take care of your teeth and the rest comes easily.

5.    Dental implants cost more than dentures but are worth the expense. You’ll regain your confidence and love to smile once again. Besides, the cost isn’t considerably more and most dentists offer several financing options to make the purchase easier.

jaw bone using a screwdental implants Dentist

Could dental implants be the solution for your missing teeth? For many people, the answer is simply yes, they’re an awesome solution to consider.